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Java client library for CKAN catalogs. Features:

  • allows reading and (to some degree) writing in Ckan
  • dependency handling with Maven
  • liberal Apache 2.0 license
  • well documented
  • unit tested with proper integration tests
  • uses ckan api v3
  • supports Java 7+

Usage: See docs

Roadmap: See project milestones

License: business-friendly Apache License v2.0

Contributing: See the wiki


Latest integration report is here

Jackan supports installations of CKAN >= 2.2a. Although officially the web api version used is always the v3, unfortunately CKAN instances behave quite differently from each other according to their software version. So we periodically test Jackan against a list of existing catalogs all over the world. If you're experiencing problems with Jackan, let us know, if the error occurs in several catalogs we might devote some time to fix it.


Main dependencies are

  • Jackson for JSON
  • Apache HTTP client
  • TraceProv for conversion to DCAT
  • Guava as toolbox

Projects using Jackan

  • OpenDataRise: power tool to cleanse and semantify open data, based on OpenRefine
  • Ckanalyze: Tool to perform statistics on CKAN datasets written in Java.


Main devs:


We also wish to thank our very first beta tester Giulio Pilotto https://about.me/giuliopilotto